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Official Trojans Helmet Decals

Elevate your spirit with these Official Parkland High School Boys Lacrosse helmet decal set. Showcase your school pride wherever you go.

Grab yours today. Go Trojans!


The Spring 2024 Boys Lacrosse Apparel Store is now live.  This year’s store includes a wide range of apparel to show your support of the Parkland Boys Lacrosse Program. The store can be reached via the following link:


Parkland Boys Lacrosse 2024 Spring Apparel Store


Store is now Closed

Official Trojans Helmet 

A number of families have expressed interest in purchasing a Parkland helmet so their son can use it over the summer/fall with their club teams and for attending various player showcases.  We are happy to report we've negotiated an incredible deal with Cascade Lacrosse whereby you can now purchase a Parkland helmet for $245 versus their typical retail price of $360. Please note, the $245 price will change once placed in the cart. This is a huge savings off of MSRP and we are guaranteed pricing regardless of the number of helmets we order.  Here are the helmet details:

Helmet - Cascade XRS Pro
Shell - White
Chin & Washer - Red-187C
Jawbone - Grey-424C
Mask - Pearl White
Chin Strap - Red-187C

You can purchase the helmet through our Parkland store over the next two weeks.  Effective February 1st, the store will close.  Once the store closes, we should receive helmets a few weeks following.  Similar to the fall apparel order, they will be shipped to me and we will distribute at an upcoming practice.  



Please access the store to place your order below :


Store Closed 

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